BFCP widget in Minisip

libBFCP is an open source BFCP (Binary Floor Control Protocol) library written in C, based on the specification in RFC4582. A Java version of the library is available through a JNI (Java Native Interface) wrapper.

We wrote this library so that it could be used as BFCP stack for both server and client side in CONFIANCE.

The library is structured on two layers:

  • a lower layer, which takes care of building and parsing BFCP messages;
  • two separate behavior layers, which take care respectively of server (Floor Control Server) and client (Floor Control Participant/Chair) behavior, and interact with the application using the library by means of dedicated callbacks.

Direct access to the lower layer is natively allowed (e.g. to edit the messages arguments), but building/parsing methods are only needed when you want to implement your own customized BFCP behavior layer.

The libraries can be downloaded on the Sourceforge project age: