CONFIANCE WIP available for download

The Work in Progress version of our platform is available in the project download page, with these new features implemented so far:

  • the BFCP messages building/parsing library has been updated to the v07 draft specifications of the BFCP, and now there's support for the transport of BFCP information through SDP in both the server side and the client side as specified in the BFCP MMUSIC draft;
  • a new, more scalable, layer between the building/parsing library and the server/client application has been implemented to take care of BFCP server/client behaviour;
  • the platform now supports more than one floor, namely Audio (as in the previous, stable/outdated version) and Video (basic BFCP-moderated videoswitching, not fully working yet since Minisip is not video-enabled yet);
  • more policies upon automatic conference management and more settings upon floors, like the possibility to choose the number of persons who can have the same floor granted at the same time, and the possibility to associate more resources with the same floor (to allow for example pure one-speaker-per-time videoconferencing) have been added as a choice for the Conference Creator/Administrator;
  • now the Conference Administrator and the Floor Chair(s) roles have been better defined through the separation between the Administrator's Password (to manage a conference as administrator through the Scheduling Text Protocol) and the old calling PIN (which is only to be used to specify if a conference has private or public access);
  • the Scheduler Text Protocol has been improved to allow more functionality, even if not all the possible messages have an interface in the client-side yet (namely the Unregister and SetChair).

The files you'll need to try the CONFIANCE WIP are:

Both the server and client side have not been fully tested, since it's all Work In Progress and we're adding new features and fixes every day, but they should give you a good overview on the functionality offered by the platform.

Let us know your opinions and feelings about it, any comment and suggestion will be more than welcome.