BFCP-only libraries released

Since both the CONFIANCE client and server WIP files come in the form of source diff files (being them based on existing, opportunely modified, open-source components), we made available a separate tarball package too which only contains the BFCP (Binary Floor Control Protocol) management libraries.

The available libraries, which have been implemented according to the v07 draft specifications of the BFCP (attached), are:

  • BFCP_library, the upper layer library managing all the BFCP behaviour (e.g. connection between Floor Control Server and Floor Control Participants, advanced floor management, and so on);
  • BFCP_messages_processing, the lower library taking care of both building and parsing of the BFCP binary messages out of the required arguments (included in BFCP_library, so only use it if you want to implement a BFCP behaviour on your own).

The package (confiance-v7bfcp-only) can be found in the project download page.