After some weeks of silence, we can finally provide you with many interesting news.
First of all, the WIP on Confiance has gone on despite the lack of updates on the site, and is now quite stable. Besides, a separate branch containing our server-side addons for Asterisk has been made available (many thanks to Russell for that), which means you can access it via SVN to always get up-do-date revisions:

A patch to the main trunk of Asterisk is available anyway, in case you prefer manually applying it.
The updates upon the Work in Progress version of our platform are as usual available in the project download page:

Besides fixing some issues that have been found, we enhanced the Conference Session Management protocol (XconScheduler) with some functionality, the most important being the newly introduced use of Blueprints and Templates (which can be used to create new conferences out of default settings) and the possibility for the user to set a Subject for the conferences she/he might want to create. Finally, great work has been done so far to integrate the Focus (Asterisk) with a WebServices-enabled conference session management protocol: the work is in a very advanced state, and news on it will soon be published on this page, so come back soon for updates.
About the client side, Minisip's GUI has been enhanced and made clearer, by placing BFCP management graphical interfaces in a separate window. Furthermore, to take advantage of the newly introduced functionality provided by the Focus, new methods have been added to the protocol:

  • QueryBlueprints and QueryTemplates, to access the available Blueprints and Templates offered by the conferencing system, and eventually use them to create new conferences;
  • QueryUsers, to get the list of all users currently participating to a conference.

All the methods have been added to the Asterisk Manager Interface too, to allow asynchronous events notifications.
That's all for now, let us know what you think about the work made on the platform so far. If you encounter any problem using it or installing it, feel free to contact us. As usual, any comment and suggestion will be more than welcome too.