Web Service module for CONFIANCE and IETF 67th Meeting

A new package (confiance_wip_webservice-03.zip) has been made available in the CONFIANCE project: it is a set of web applications which enables you to interact with the CONFIANCE framework through the web, using a WebService-based approach. For more information on the architecture and the implementation details, checkout the documentation in the package, and feel free to contact us if you need more clearance or are interested in the work.

Besides, the whole CONFIANCE framework, comprising the Web Service interface as well, has been recently presented at the latest IETF XCON WG Meeting in San Diego, mainly as a demonstration of the Binary Floor Control Protocol in action. On the documentation page you can get:

An audio recording of the whole presentation of the slides and demontration of CONFIANCE will be made available soon on this page, together with some photos of the event.