Updates, Win32 porting and Java bindings for the BFCP

After some weeks of silence, we can finally provide you with many interesting news.
The SVN branch containing our server-side addons for Asterisk has changed location, which means that from now on you'll have to change the address to access it:

The updates upon the Work in Progress version of our platform are as usual available on the project download page:

Besides fixing some issues that have been found, the most notable update on the platform is its integration with another project we're carrying on, Distributed Conferencing (DCON). DCON enables the distribution of XCON conferences transparently to users, by means of appropriate information spreading and protocols dispatching. Checkout the related page on Sourceforge for more details (http://dcon.sourceforge.net/), as documentation, slides and IETF drafts.
Finally, a Win32 porting of the BFCP libraries has been made available. The libraries have been tested with MingW, but should work fine with any other compiler. Besides, Java bindings for both Linux- and Windows-based systems have been made available as well, through a Java Native Interface (JNI) (thanks to Amato Sorrentino for that). You can get both the packages on the project download page:

To compile the libraries for Windows you'll need the Win32 portings of the Pthreads, which you can get on the official page (http://sourceware.org/pthreads-win32/). Please note that both the portings are experimental and not fully tested yet, so please let us know if you meet any strange behaviour when using them.
That's all for now, let us know what you think about the work made on the platform so far. If you encounter any problem using it or installing it, feel free to contact us. As usual, any comment, feedback and suggestion will be more than welcome.