BFCP over TLS support and more enhancements

A new update on CONFIANCE is available on the project download page:

Minor updates include several bugfixes, a verbose debug level to optionally limit the amount of console notifications about what's happening, and enhancements upon the XCON/DCON integration support.
As a new feature, instead, videoswitching has been made available for basic MeetMe conferences as well, and not only for XCON/DCON conferences. However, since in MeetMe conferences the video source switching cannot be accomplished by means of the BFCP way of coordinating access to resources, it can currently be realized only using a new dedicated console command, 'videoswitch', as a proof-of-concept. Checkout our mail on the Asterisk-video mailing list for more details upon the feature (
Finally, as a major enhancement upon the previous version of the platform, the whole BFCP stack (both message processing and behaviour layers) has been refined, fixed and, most importantly, enriched with support for BFCP over TLS as stated in the RFC4582. However, support for BFCP over TLS has to be explicitely enabled and appropriately configured in the CONFIANCE configuration file in order to work properly, since by default the Floor Control Server will keep on exploiting simple TCP connections for BFCP communication. No configuration is needed on the client side, since the appropriate transport method for BFCP will be automatically exploited consequently to SIP/SDP negotiation with the focus.
The standalone BFCP updated libraries can be obtained as usual on the project download page:

To compile the libraries for Windows you'll not only need the Win32 portings of the Pthreads, which you can get on the official page (, but also the Win32 porting of OpenSSL, which is needed for BFCP over TLS support: you can get it on the Win32 OpenSSL Installation Project ( or compile it yourself out of the code on the official page (