Videomixing and continuous presence


Exciting news in CONFIANCE!
The new release introduces support for video mixing and transcoding functionality, so that to provide continuous video presence in conferences. To do so, CONFIANCE can rely on two different videomixers:

Both the videomixers are optional, and do not depend on each other. This means that you can choose to enable support for both, for only one, or for none if you're just interested in the already provided basic videoswitching. Instructions on how to enable support for the videomixer(s) are provided in the CONFIANCE installation guide.

Though both the videomixers are early works and in a beta stage, they both already work quite fine, and have support for a range of codecs. Specifically, the CONFIANCE VideoMixer currently provides:

  • adaptive layouts according to how many active video sources are feeding the mix;
  • continuous presence for up to 8 users (this can be easily enhanced by adding new layouts in the code);
  • a static logo when no video sources are active;
  • support for H.261, H.263 and H.263+ (QCIF only for the moment, and H.261 support is still quite buggy).

Currently, only one global layout is available for all users in the same conference: support for customized layouts will be added in the future. Any kind of feedback and/or comment/suggestion upon the current work will be more than welcome, and will help us enhancing its functionality.

To know more about the VideoMixer Sergio Garcia Murillo wrote, visit his website at, and follow the discussion on the Asterisk-video mailing list.

That said, you can get the updated release of CONFIANCE, which envisages support these VideoMixers, on the project download page:

and the CONFIANCE VideoMixer here:

To get Sergio Garcia Murillo's VideoMixer:

You'll need xmlrpc-c 1.1 to compile it.