The CONFIANCE VideoMixer is an external element which can provide continuous presence in CONFIANCE conferences. External means that it does not need to be colocated with CONFIANCE itself, since they can communicate by means of a dedicated protocol.
It receives video streams from CONFIANCE and appropriately mixes them together, transcoding if necessary.

The VideoMixer makes use of two different libraries:

  • oRTP for the RTP streams management;
  • FFmpeg for the video manipulation (libswscale needed).

The currently provided features are:

  • adaptive layouts according to how many active video sources are feeding the mix;
  • continuous presence for up to 8 users (this can be easily enhanced by adding new layouts in the code);
  • a static logo when no video sources are active;
  • support for H.261, H.263 and H.263+ (QCIF only for the moment).

Future work will include priority streams, different customizable layouts for different users, CIF support, more codecs and much more.

You can get the VideoMixer, with all the instructions needed to build it, from the download page.

CONFIANCE can make use of another open source VideoMixer as well, a software written by Sergio Garcia Murillo. You can get it from its download page: